Thursday, 20 March 2014

Christina Skjolberg - Come And Get It

Open Door

Norwegian axegirl Christina Skjolberg wears her Hendrix on both an upper arm and metaphoric sleeve, appropriating the blues and funk from her hero’s influence and presenting it with plenty of her own impressionism. Opener Come And Get It is the star on this album, a truly funky pumping riff-driven gem, and what follows across the whole album chugs and stomps and pulsates with plenty of fine soloing and strong singing. Third track Close the Door actually holds it wide open on the Hendrix copying, and it’s a homage with adoring hinges. Fourth Bullet is another good one with clever lead-and-following; and then fifth Get On saunters in with neat jazz trumpeting over wondrous Superstition-esque keyboard. More influences happily received. Sixth Moving On is a pumping blues and by this stage is sustaining excellence. Penultimate and autobiographical Mrs Funk demonstrates the appellation is totally apt, and last song Nag Blues has stomp-walking bass driving a swirling organ and restrained guitar work to a surprising close after all the preceding action.

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