Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Delines - I Won't Slip Up

Speaking Up

Here's a powerful taster from the forthcoming album Colfax from The Delines, Willy Vlautin's new band. It's naturally in a similar Richmond Fontaine americana vein, fronted by the female vocal of Amy Boone, and telling also a typical Vlautin tale of everyday pain and hope for something better in life as the narrator speaks up for herself whilst also asking for help. Listen here.

Vlautin is a significant, talented musician and writer. I'm working on a major textbook at the moment and have included an extract of dialogue from Vlautin's wonderful book Lean on Pete to exemplify the effectiveness of presenting speech simply and yet realistically - he has a great writer's ear and  instinctive craft for presenting the powerful realism of ordinary lives, reminding of his hero Steinbeck as well as Carver.

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