Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Kaiser Chiefs - Education, Education, Education & War

Lifted Laughter

The Kaiser Chiefs’ latest is being streamed at the Guardian – and likely elsewhere – so I’ve had a listen and may review at a later date, though I suspect not. That’s no criticism. For various reasons, I’ve always been fond of the band, and have enjoyed their live gigs loads. Like many, there is an interest in the band post-Nick Hodgson as he was clearly such a creative as well as performing force. And as a final comment in/on the trending commentating mix, I couldn’t care less about Ricky Wilson appearing on The Voice: it’s not as if he has cast off a strident alternative persona, and why should anyone be annoyed that he is seeking to further [or not, it’s his own risk] his career?

On a quick listen, the songs on the album are as one would expect – anthemic quite often [those choruses, as on second Coming Home], and their Englishness is, for me, healthily narrated in the domestic preoccupations of the lyrics, and even seagull effects as on opener The Factory Gates.

My main reason for writing this morning is to make this single observation: the laughing sections on Misery Company [liking the guitar work on this] would appear to be lifted straight from The Greatest Show on Earth’s song Real Cool World from their 1970’s album Horizons – but then I really can’t imagine any in the band listening to this brilliant if relatively esoteric progressive album from the past. Perhaps the inspiration is The Laughing Policeman.....

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