Monday, 31 March 2014

Righteous Anger

Righteous anger – the story of my life. And who listens
anyway, those ‘likes’ on social media the cold comfort
of a click, and comments come from the converted
so it’s not as if a battle has been fought and won. Is it me
alone hearing the hurt, anger and then clever riposte, or
god above whose nothingness means heaven’s gate is
dissolving as I speak? Freud would have something to say
on self-satisfaction, but this too is open to debate, not that
it’s an argument I want to make, saving myself for a cause.
The rant and rail rolls off the tongue, so to speak, and that
is another clever line in rhetoric, but who else really knows
how much this conceals the different part of anger which is
pain? To those genuinely listening, and who have heard it
all before, this might be one more complaint like a refrain.

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