Sunday, 26 October 2014

BBM - Around The Next Dream

More Brilliance

We're taking it as read here in our awe of Jack Bruce as an outstanding musician of his generation that it is his work in Cream which defines that genius, and whilst solo work - see previous post - and all since refined, expanded and explored, it is that power trio of all power trios which occupies its and Bruce's zenith in the musical peak of rock history. Indeed, since Bruce's sad passing yesterday I have been mostly listening to Fresh Cream, one of the very first albums I bought, as well as a smattering of early live Cream. All that said then, I am currently listening to BBM - Bruce, Baker and Moore - and their album Around the Next Dream from 27 years after that Cream debut in 1966, and it is of course another power trio. Not pastiche certainly, and not needing comparison at all though this has been inevitable in writings on this incarnation over the years, what we get is largely punchy blues songwriting from Bruce and Gary Moore, and Jack is again supreme on vocal as well as bass. Opening two tracks Waiting in the Wings and City of Gold are the most Cream-esque, whereas third Where in the World is most reminiscent of Bruce's subsequent solo work. Otherwise it is rock-blues that dominates, and Moore tends to take a centre role. A great video of BBM live in Germany/Rockpalast in 1993, here [though excelling on Cream numbers....!].

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