Saturday, 18 October 2014

Mojo Makers - Devil's Hands

Mojo In The Eyes Of

Relatively clean-cut Danish guys [promo images vs band portrait – see later] playing a funked-to-cool blues that follows a simple but not simplistic template of either staccato beats, bass driven with slide guitar, and very effective vocal harmonies, or more chilled blues grooves, sometimes with reggae/gospel tinges, and very effective vocal harmonies. Organ pumps or swirls can add to the cool sass – fingerclips or handclaps too – and it is a polished set of smooth blues sounds. The images used to promote the band add a darkly cool aura that is a little undermined by a photo of the band [no disrespect intended at all – these guys can play and have a clear affinity for this kind of cultured blues rock] so I’m only posting these imagined manifestations of their mojo.

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