Thursday, 2 October 2014

Remember, National Poetry Day

Remember to tie the faces
Remember to check those corners
Remember to never forget
Remember to turn out the darkness
Remember it is only a poem
Remember what you meant to say
Remember to count the cost
Remember to sow the dawn
Remember me to those considerations
Remember there is always more than one
Remember ing
Remember Jimi’s legacy
Remember the beholder’s eyes
Remember you are never a number
Remember our first fall
Remember to pack the utensils
Remember to always send love
Remember remember the fifth of remember
Remember to only swim in water
Remember the one about?
Remember when it is the best time
Remember you only live
Remember Ray’s gazebo
Remember how winning was
Remember who meant the most
Remember to brush your thoughts
Remember times where it didn’t matter
Remember whenever you can
Remember why poetry has its time

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