Friday, 14 November 2014

Ike, Tina and the Martian

Value in the Beholder

Two secondhand purchases today, both in very good condition. The Ike & Tina Turner is one I will enjoy listening to, but what has interested me most is that the photography for the album is by Dennis Hopper. That's a neat name-check.

Craig Raine's A Martian Sends a Postcard Home is a first edition of a poetry collection from 1979 that many English teachers will know, though perhaps that will mainly be the title poem which has been used since its beginning to present/teach the use of metaphor. It is a clever set of poems written at a time when such craft was playfully new and enjoyed for that purpose and effect, and it certainly had the capacity to engage a relatively wide audience. Not all of the poems are mere school fodder either, though Sexual Couplets wouldn't be considered highbrow! In reading through most this evening much of the figurative knockabouts seem a little dated, but I have smiled enough to counter any knowing cringes.

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