Sunday, 16 November 2014

Thompson - Family

The Ties That Abide If Not Always Bind

Any long-times readers of this blog, and/or those who have dipped into my reviews of Teddy Thompson, will know how much I rate TT - therefore, it is little surprise how much I am looking forward to his project which unites the genetically talented but geographically and relationship dissipated family to record their Family album released on 18th November.

I am listening to a whole album stream of the album here, and I will comment now on the opening title track which is a musical preface for the whole by Teddy. It is a typically sweet and sweetly sung song about the album conception and the actual family, placing himself in the 'middle' of everything with his other trademark which is the self-effacing as well as self-deprecating confessional lyric. These opening lines are more premise than self-revelation, and set the scene with characteristic wit and candour:

My father is one of the greats to ever step on a stage
My mother has the most beautiful voice in the world
And I am betwixt and between
Sean Lennon, you know what I mean
Born to the manor, never quite clamoring free

It's family [repeated as chorus]

A number of the songs are reflections of their authors' familiar sound rather than outstanding examples [so perhaps damn good rather than always brilliant ] but there is an absolutely gorgeous song Bonny Boys sung by Linda, and this as well as the opener would be enough for me to be content with the collective offering. 

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