Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Outlaw Pete - Bruce Springsteen and Frank Caruso

Pete's Impulse

Received my copy today, and it is a nice book to have: large and with vivid illustrations [though also cartoonish], and written by Springsteen so collectible for the fan. Not entirely sure who the audience is - not exclusively the young [it is violent, not that this shouldn't be an aspect of children's reading], perhaps adults because of the theme of crime/violence/sacrifice, maybe the Christmas market....

It doesn't seem to me to be a tale of redemption; and maybe there is an underlying theme of acting honorably. Or it is just the telling, with the rhyming that would make it a pleasure to read aloud, and those colourful, evocative images.

An impulse buy for me and I am happy to have.

Watch the interview Jon Stewart has with Bruce and Frank here. Bruce calls the book an 'existential fairytale' - I think it is more commercial than this - and then makes an interesting admission about its authorship. Jon works hard to get meaning out of the interview, and perhaps the best bit is how he links his naked body with one of Springsteen's songs!

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