Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Doobie Brothers - Southbound review

Indubitably Doobie

There was little chance I wouldn't like this - loving the Doobies and loving Country - and I had read just a little online angst about whether this was a tribute or a duets or a [platitude alert] combination of both album, none of which was going to matter to me as the whole mix of whatever was bound to be fine. And it is. Mighty damn. It's the hits with extras and there is no intention, presumably, to replace the originals, so the approach to listening and enjoying is a piece of pleasure. And presumably no one could be unaware of The Doobie Brother's country roots along with most of this kind of classic American rock. There are the bigger differences in a great track like What A Fool Believes that starts with its trademark piano riff but then has Sara Evans take lead vocal before the indubitable Doobie voice of Michael McDonald asserts its anchoring [with similar impact and effect on You Belong to Me and the lead vocal of Amanda Sudano Ramirez ahead of MM]. Otherwise it is largely wonderfully familiar with the likes of Blake Shelton, Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Chris Young, Vince Gill and the Zac Brown Band adding their contributions. You can hear a couple of live examples from the recent CMAs here.

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