Monday, 2 February 2015

Butch Walker - Afraid of Ghosts, album review

Walking in Ryan's Shoes

Walker's latest album is produced by Ryan Adams, and it shows. As a singer-songwriter, Walker's mainly acoustic material is bound to have a link to that similar aspect of Adams' work, but it is his rather vulnerable vocal that makes the closest echo: it has a sweet register that breaks emotively in the way Adams' characteristically does. There are occasional popish orchestrations across a few of the tracks on this album that do provide some distance, as on fine song Bed of Fire, but I haven't heard the range other reviewers have cited [referencing Springsteen and his Nebraska, for example]. A song like Autumn Leaves could quite simply be Ryan Adams performing. And I know this sounds critical but for me as a fan of Ryan it actually pleases. I know I'll need to check out Walker's other work to get a better sense of how much the production has asserted an identity, but at lease I want to pursue this. Father's Day is another that conveys the positive cloning, if this doesn't sound like too much of an encouraging euphemism.

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