Saturday, 7 February 2015

Stan at Large

The hands large – I know from wearing his wedding ring
on the pollice verso of one unsure touchstone – he strides
and struts hugely too with my sister’s mother on his arm
out there peacock walking after he had strolled with mine,
in another time, and there is a good chance in the probability
of him being a consummate Romeo that there are more
photos of kids pretending to play his over-sized, heartbreaker
guitar. This new set of pictures confirm rather than tell any
other stories: how he likes to put his arms around her; or on
his own, hands on hips and elbows out sideways to preen a
tough-guy stance. A visit to Ghost Town in his later years
those arms still embrace, here two modelled floozies in their
porcelain smiles and one in a short red dress, no heart too
hard to caress as long as you are there, sitting on that bench.