Monday, 23 February 2015

Snow Stopping Before

Waking, she thought it was snowing outside, but it was her
dead skin cells floating around in the bedroom. When I later
looked out the window, snow was falling in flurries and it
seemed to me that I should run out there and collect all I could
before her complete dissolution, just in case she had made a
mistake and confused things. I cannot explain my prevarication
as, watching still, it did come and go, at times falling straight
down in large heavy flakes, yet just as quickly lost in the grey
of the sky behind and into running water along the ground.
I continued to watch, unsure. By the time I reconsidered, it was
definitely raining. If I was a surgeon, or a soldier, or even the
driver of a bus on a dangerous curve, I would need to be more
decisive. The fact we all think we can predict the weather does
not make me feel any better about my lack of professionalism.

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