Thursday, 26 February 2015

Toilet Roll

It was one wispy sheet draped across the chrome arc
of the paper holder, its inner cardboard roll disappeared,
and had been hung deliberately but without explanation
just before she too was no more. This is only a bathroom
where domestic dramas rarely unfold in the way the rest
of the roll had been unfurled – I have to guess - yet leaving
that page behind delivered a message if I was able to read
along the line. Sitting there, it became another dilemma.
Perhaps it had been in the decision to treat ourselves: the
quilt of its texture an elaboration we had not needed in our
time before this, and on reflection the money could have
been better spent on a magazine with dull stories about the
sudden disasters in other people’s lives, or on those maps
in the charity shop about places nearby we hadn’t visited.

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