Monday, 2 March 2015

Cool [or not so cool] Car Music

Symptomatic of not wanting to strip that wallpaper, and a lull in other commitments, I have time to indulge in searching out themed album covers, having exhausted Hot Dog appearances - or so I keep thinking, if you have been following the thread - and have therefore begun one based on cars on album covers. I had assumed there would be many, especially hot rods from the 6os surfing period which is too easy, but they aren't as readily located as I thought, and those that are, are often far from 'cool' cars. I shall post over the next few days as I haven't that many, unless I hit a rich vein, and will open with a Chris Spedding because if you look closely in the background there is a reference to a Hot Dog and I thought that was a sweet link with my previous preoccupation:

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