Friday, 27 March 2015

John Renbourn - 8th August, 1944 - 26th March, 2015

I am sorry to hear of yet another influential musician - both in terms of impact on other artists and those like me who grew up at the time of such musical influence - has died, of a suspected heart attack, aged 70. I have written before that there is a sad inevitability of those who were young adults and popular as musicians in the mid 60s onwards should now obviously be much older and vulnerable to leaving us.

Excusing the euphemisms, it may even sound a little twee to indulge in these postings, but I genuinely rue such passing. In a more celebratory tone, like many I recall John Renbourn firstly for his significant roll in the significant folk impact of Pentangle, and then also his solo work and dueting with Bert Jansch and Robin Williamson, just to name these few of many more collaborations and contributions. I saw John perform twice, and my favourite song he recorded is his gorgeous, plaintive version of the folk song Willy O Winsbury.

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