Monday, 23 March 2015

The Prefab Messiahs - Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive, album review

Not All Bad in the 80s

Like so much music of the 80s, this band passed me by, my prejudices having automatic blinkers. Listening to this new release [apparently 32 years after their last] I am swayed by the sheer fun of it, the garage-psychedelia harking back now – and I’m guessing then – to a late 60s fundamental and experimental garage-pop that is bright, breezy and often weird. There are references in song titles and lyrics to their past that inevitably pass me by because of what I have already admitted, so this will have more of an impact for those who do recall. For now, it’s the immediacy of the driving if simple beats and distortion and 60s organ and occasional fuzzed vocals and sitar and other that I am enjoying. Like The Monkees on acid. Like early [though not R&B] Rolling Stones. Like The Fugs but straight-ish.

If only their picture with the [actual] car had been their album cover it could have been included…..

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