Saturday, 21 March 2015

Pay with a Poem – 21st March, 2015 [World Poetry Day]

I’d like my coffee for this verse, it being Pay with a Poem
day – allegedly – though I don’t think the major chains
chime along with the international notion of  an expresso
or cappuccino or Americano for a rhyme. I don’t need
fourteen shots, Italian or Shakespearean, and I don’t need
ten soft/hard beats in the froth as I just want my drink
with cold milk. A good cup of coffee like a good poem
can be an easy thing to make and you simply have to
listen for what is asked - and good ingredients in an honest
machine. Don’t rely on the chrome and steam and how to
paint a chocolate flower in the lather: count the seconds
silently in your head, or measure with your eye like sizing
a lunging ring. Make it strong but not a test of my resistance
to pain, and on this day of ground poetic beans, make it free.

1 comment:

  1. Love it - you should start a coffee shop revolution!