Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Greg Brown - Further In, album review


I've been listening to a lot of Greg Brown of late, someone I have always enjoyed, and as I have written here, his song Ina Bell Sale is one of those magic mad narratives that will always startle and thrill for its wild imaginings.

This 1996 album of all self-penned songs is perhaps his most consistent with Brown's rich baritone unravaged by time to its gravel of later, and the folk-based - but blues to gospel too - songs, with production and slide guitar by Bo Ramsey [the latter superbly, in its subtlety, on Someday When We Are Both Alone], are excellent. In the title track, Brown manages to shift from his baritone to falsetto and it is startling also in this fine song. My favourite on the album is Hey Baby Hey where in a beautifully written song about growing old in love, the voice again shifts across the range. The album closes on a slow blues If I Ever Do See You Again with fine fiddle to accompany.

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