Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Milk Carton Kids - Monterey, album review

Precursor Angst, Or Not

This album and they are, as others say and because it is absolutely how it is, a cross between the vocals of Simon and Garfunkel with the guitar playing of Dave Rawlings. I like the latter precursors/influences/random echoes [though that last seems unlikely] and so I like this album and them. Homage/copy/victims of? Don't know. What I do know is having listened to their album which is softly sweet and simple and effective as such I would more likely go back to/over to S&G and Gillian Welch [wherein Rawlings is most obvious] if I wanted to hear either sound again. But I guess I have just worked out why one would stay with TMCK which is if the combination was the preference.

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