Sunday, 10 May 2015

Paul Brady - Trick or Treat, album review

Commercial Candy in the Bag

This continues the Brady journey though the discovery is less that of the new and more a consolidation, what does change being the reflection of its time rather than any alteration to the fine standard of songcraft. Here in 1991 there is a strong echo of the 80s out of which this is emerging, synths laying background and a R&B sensibility a la Steve Winwood. That’s not bad generically, in the second sense. Although commercial in overall tone, that social conscience - essentially about the haves and have nots - is again evident in the lyrics, here in You and I with for example the first chorus and then following verse,

You and I
Are really just the same
Though you might think
You’re a little bit better
And when you fall
Don’t look for me to blame
You hold the key
For the higher you think of me
Then the better your world will be
The higher you think of me

Sometimes I think I see a hint of blue
But right now my sky is dark and grey
Just when I think I’m getting through to you
You carry on the same old way

no need to wonder how Paul is feeling after the results of the recent election, that verse eerily commenting not just on the result but the voting public and their strange choice.

Brady duets with Bonnie Raitt on the title track and that’s a happy reality.

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