Wednesday, 3 June 2015

HillBenders - Tommy A Bluegrass Opry, album review

Banjo Just Ain't Up To It

The bluegrass treatment comes to most things it seems, and now Tommy gets its hillbilly makeover. There will be those who think this pomp-rockopera is getting what it deserves; those who think it is sacrilege, and those, like me, who like both the original and the banjo-genre, as well as a bit of fun, and am therefore enjoying listening as I type - but I can't say I'll be returning to the barn too soon.

I think I'm really just typing a mini-review to punctuate the next themed album cover posting which is easier to do in the pauses between examining.

But as a final actual reviewing observation, I don't think the banjo has the depth or breadth of possibilities as a musical instrument to deal with this. Probably a lot of fun live. Better on record Hayseed Dixie covering a range of well known rock classics, like here.

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