Saturday, 6 June 2015

Luciferian Light Orchestra - Luciferian Light Orchestra, album review

Dressless Sabbath?

I call these 'album reviews' but they are necessarily brief at the moment. This is a retro, occult-rock, Abbaesque amalgam of generic oddball [in the nicest possible way] music that I am enjoying in the Satanic background [well, just background but it seemed apt to give it a dark adjective]. Third track Taste the Blood of the Altar Wine plays to the occult-rock tag, as does the band's Facebook page 'short description' of take off your dress, join us in the sabbath, though that is simply a line from the album's second song Church of Carmel rather than a sinister imperative. Opener Doctor Faust on Capri has a Curved Air feel because of the female vocal, but overall it is riff-riven, lyrically blackened heavy-with-occasional-choir-metal with further named tracks like Eater of Souls, Sex with Demons and Dante and Diabaulus suggesting deeper darknesses than actually exist on this largely pleasant pastiche of the diabolical.

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