Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Palace of the King - White Bird/Burn the Sky, album review

Play Pantheon Loud

More hard rock joins the pantheon of keeping it like it always was: Aussie riffers Palace of the King have in vocalist Tim Henwood a growler with a highish timbre that isn’t original but distinctive enough, and lets rip with great gusto. I’ve been here recently, so to speak, writing about sounthern rock, which this isn’t, but intoning that modern lineage comprising the likes of The Answer and this band provides another clarion call to continue expanding on the template. There really isn’t all that much to write apart from the bang-on don’t-fuck-with-this because it works cliché: play it loud. Leigh Madden and Matthew Harrison supply the riffs and lead, Andrew Gilpin underpins on bass, and Sean Johston keeps it tight and thunderous on drums. White Bird [Bring Your Armies Against Me] is a corker, and love the shift into the new riff and wah-wah. This is followed with some genuine old-school organ-led riffing in a brooding Ain't Got Nobody to Blame But Myself.

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