Saturday, 20 June 2015

Metallica - Reload, album review

Chugging Great

I saw Metallica the once at The Freddy Mercury Tribute Concert and they were playing Nothing Else Matters as we entered Wembley Arena – late – and it was mesmerising. Other than this I am no particular fan but love it when I hear them, and I couldn’t name or recall a single track on their album Load that precedes this subsequent reworking of outtakes and similar that didn’t make the initial one. So there is no baggage, expectation or whatever and thus I love this too, opener Fuel chug-chugging brilliantly, second The Memory Remains graced by the gravel beauty of Marianne Fairthful, and third as I listen now Devil’s Dance simply superb in more grinding chug and guitar-with-effects effects. Hetfield growls to the rhythm of the riffs and more chugging, and there are other vocal complexities that enhance the heavy template. The Unforgiven II broods and builds in its balladic brilliance. Carpe Diem Baby says it all as a title. And so on, everywhere. Looking forward to the next album I decide to listen to.

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