Thursday, 2 July 2015

Datura4 - Demon Blues, album review

An Open Book

Australian fuzzed-up bluesrock band telling their story in the latest book off the generic shelf of Rock's Resurgent Reminiscing Section. There is a fine chapter as example in third Another Planet, sounding like Norman Greenbaum's Spirits in the Sky meets the Beach Boys, the anxiety of influence both repressed and resurgent - that wonderful paradox - in the simplicity of being. Too heavy? The music isn't, but the fuzz does a lot of the talking in a pleasingly chugging way. At times it is more Jesus Jones than Canned Heat, then you turn the page to fifth Hoonswine and its driving riff and we are reading about the blues. Title track Demon Blues reminds that this is the central plot, a largely instrumental narrative with an accompanying monologue that yells Oh Yeah. Written with plenty of fine guitar penmanship.

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