Sunday, 5 July 2015

Wtterquick - The Otherside, free download

Holding Their Own

I have always made compilation sets of music [first cassette tapes, then cds, now digital] and these are, naturally, made up of favourite tracks, whether ‘over time’ or entirely contemporary. They can also be based on genres and all kinds of other categories. Hundreds of categories. Thousands and thousands of compilations. It is an addiction.

Two reasons for mentioning this: the first, as my car cd player seems to be ill – very ill – I am currently playing old compilation cassettes instead – the few I kept because of their meaningfulness of recording at the time, and obviously the selections; the other is it just occurred to me that on one of my latest digital compilations, I have included an acoustic version of Witterquick’s single The Otherside. I also mention this because the band is a local, emerging one, all young guys though with varied musical backgrounds and journeys to this point, and they are included on a set of established artists, many of whom are significantly established. And the point is, Witterquick hold their own in this often stellar company. I think that is an important reality. It is also important in providing a context for the quality of their music, but also in exemplifying the fortuity of the music industry in terms of those who are well known and those who aren't.

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You can actually download for free the main single here, though the one I have on the compilation is an acoustic version that I particularly rate [though I like and commend both]. The following lyrics to the song reflect another element of its worthy depth. It is impression rather than descriptive narrative, and I also like that.  

If I could walk a thousand miles would you believe in anything?
We move along an endless road, it takes away the sentiment.
We educate the dullest minds and break through all the elements.
So tell me if you have the time we'll figure out a compliment.

Lets take it away
This bridge won't burn out
I won't make you stay
Don't ask me where I draw the line
Just take it away
I bled my heart out
I'm fighting to sway the reaper on the otherside.

You walk upon your holy ground just to believe in anything.
The city never made a sound, you covered up the sentiment.
I couldn't break the mountain down, and you were in your element.
I'll show you what it is I found and offered up as evidence.

We're free tonight
And I wondered why the bastard lied
A lesson learned while we stand behind the city lights.

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