Monday, 6 July 2015

Morning Music Trawl and Karma - The Rolling Stones, Hyde Park Live

Musical Cause and Effect

Early morning listening trawl: I started with Bella Hardy’s latest, With the Dawn, which has fine vocals and fiddle playing, but this was too calm and thus I checked into Tame Impala’s new one Currents, and I thought this [well, the beginning] a little more Indie than the psychedelic I wanted, so I moved on to Tír na nÓg’s latest The Dark Dance, just purchased, and a duo whose early work is rather special, but this one didn’t grab right away and I will need to revisit, so in actual disappointment I turned to something utterly reliable, from the past too but a recent performance: The Rolling Stones live at Hyde Park 2013, Start Me Up hooking from the off and class exuding with its history and continuance. Mick Jagger has just said Anyone who was here in 1969 - well, welcome back and whilst I wasn’t there in 2013 and am visiting through this recording, I was in ’69 and I think that’s a good morning’s musical karma – if it took a few tangents.

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