Monday, 19 September 2016

Led Zeppelin - The Complete BBC Sessions, album review

Rug Pulling

This is one of those 'well, that's obvious' postings so apologies to Platitude Spotters for pulling the rug.

I'll therefore be quick: it occurred to me that there is genuine delight in finding those contemporary retro rock bands who hark back to the origins of the species, and we'll listen appreciatively and comment, if reviewing for example, on the many Led Zep touchstones in the music, usually but not exclusively a vocal that nurtures a Plant-esque echo.

And even in the day there would be the influences and repetitions. Equally, there were bands as great in their own right, but different, for example Free and Black Sabbath - or more dramatically an 'other' like Queen.

But when you listen to this newly mastered with additional tracks of BBC Sessions, you can't help but hear the very best of British Rock, especially live.

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