Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Matt Andersen - Honest Man, album review


This is great soul-wrapped songs pumped up by sax and organ on the opening three and including the title track, or pared to the emotional intensity of just vocal with piano accompaniment as on I’m Giving In. Insects offer their night-time singing and a pedal steel calls out in its own hear me in another slow one, Quiet Company, when Let’s Get Back does just that, picking up the soulful tone and pace - and I do like its banjo and trumpet.

This to and fro of reasonably fast then slow continues throughout, Last Surrender an old-school soul ballad, and Who Are You Listening To? the rockiest on the album – though a relative term. All are graced by the honest and hearty gruff vocal of Canadian Matt Andersen who makes each a classy few minutes of soothed to spirited listening.

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