Saturday, 17 September 2016

Seth Lakeman - Ballads Of The Broken Few, album review

Later Evening Perfection

I know little of Seth Lakeman's work though have been aware of his popularity as a folk artist. And I like good, contemporary folk, so I'm not entirely sure how I have missed listening to him before.

I do like this album, and it is Lakeman's distinctive vocal that appeals most, and it is perhaps because of this I haven't fully absorbed the songs and their differences from one another, yet. I haven't picked up on the fiddle being played as a virtuoso instrument or even main focus. Indeed, as I write I am listening to the sweet version of Levon Helm's song Anna Lee, and the fiddle here is a laconic contribution, with gospel touches to the whole delivered with the harmony grace of the Wildwood Kin trio who appear throughout the whole album. Both Lakeman's vocal and fiddle playing get a pleasing tandem outing on Whenever I'm Home, that is until the rousing chorus kicks in at its allotted times.

The opening four tracks on the album are beautiful in their mix of gospel blues/folk with perfect harmony vocals. It doesn't matter overmuch, but I have been listening this later evening and that has been just the right time.

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  1. I'm a big fan of SL -have seen him live twice and he's even better on stage. Good to see a review here.