Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Summation Of Awe On 'Later.....with Jools Holland' Tonight

Just for fun, and it is just opinion: marked out of 5

Suede – 0. Thought they were dreadful. What is the point of rehashing that?

Laura Mvula – 3. OK. It’s clever-clogs in many ways with handclaps on first offering, and then percussion and savvy arrangements for the second: Mvula has a good vocal but in a market of many other good female vocalists she understandably needs a niche sound/look and I think the more peripheral of those two aspects gets the focus – and why oh why that affected staccato enunciation in the vocal? It isn’t scat, it is a formulaic hiccup.

The Strypes – 3. Genuine raw energy of youth [how patronising of Jools to say well done after their performance] and genuine skilled garage via the Beatles and Arctic Monkeys.

Charles Bradley – 2. Lot of shouting really, but interesting to see the reincarnation of Mick Fleetwood playing late 60s fuzzed guitar. Biggest plus was the amateur but earnest sound of a college band.

Cat Power – 5. Class. Absolute class. The simplicity of that piano accompaniment and then the class of her vocal, the potent lyrics [debut of new song Bully, here], and the mesmerising reality of her nervous creativity in performance.

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  1. Have just watched Cat Power on Jools. I love her voice-and this performance. I must admit to being a little disappointed myself with Laura Mvula's album which I bought recently. Not as good as expected, unfortunately.