Monday, 15 April 2013

Triessence: Quintessence – 'Rebirth, Live at Glastonbury'; Shiva’s Quintessence – 'Only Love Can Save Us'; Allan Mostert – 'Inside World'

Trusted Trilogy

As I wrote recently when reviewing Quintessence albums, I had ordered three related cds which have now arrived and been enjoyed: Quintessence – Rebirth, Live at Glastonbury; Shiva’s Quintessence – Only Love Can Save Us; Allan Mostert – Inside World.

The Quintessence reunion and Glastonbury performance is superb: testament to brilliant musicianship that will always endure; Shiva Jones with keyboardist Rundra Beauvert revisit Quintessence music to recreate and reinvent beautifully, Shiva’s vocal such a key element of the band’s memorable sound and as dynamic as ever [with additional ‘cosmic’ tracks], and Mostert’s is the most individual, still steeped in the spiritual for musical inspiration, and an ambient soundscape [‘psychedelic essence music’] that is gloriously rich and aurally enriching. As a fan, I’m bound to be pleased in these continuations of a sound that has always appealed, but I genuinely recommend on their innate qualities.

I got the first two through amazon; the Mostert is burnt to order and comes neatly packaged from Burning Shed here.

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