Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Nandha Blues - Black Strawberry Mama


Compared with the retro-rock of Rival Sons, The Answer and The Temperance Movement [and countless more] this is a band perhaps better seen live – I’m guessing – than experiencing on record, not that this latest release from Italian band Nandha Blues isn’t very listenable or that the other bands mentioned aren’t eminently listenable live. NB is a rock trio with the prefix re much in aptness musically, and cover-wise, though you wouldn’t prefix the band number with the word power as their sound is a blues rock more sedate than savage, but that polarity is more for the sound of the antithesis than suggesting a proclivity to quietude, and you will glean from the verbiage that I have little that’s expansive to say about the band and music, really, and just wanted to flex the tongue having not reviewed any music of late.

Nutshell: retro rock, sound guitar lead and vocal, harmonica playing to which I can realistically aspire, authentic and pleasing, probably most enjoyable live, but you might prefer the 60s/70s recordings already out there in abundance, much of which is reviewed on this site, with a smattering of specifically 70s stuff recently, though not necessarily rock. There, tongue exercised; reviewing hiatus exorcised. 

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