Thursday, 9 January 2014

Turds of Misery - Encore

Tour de forced

After dredging through the muck and mire of internet crap, I have found some detail deposits on 70s Iowa band Turds of Misery and an album they did allegedly record but which was never released, this explaining the lack of readily digestible info about any lp. The now completely untraceable album, Piles of Pain, was a private-press production of only 50 copies – a miniscule output even for this kind of personal push – and was recorded at the Flushings Studio based in Des Moines, Iowa, a small independent outfit specialising primarily in Country and Western bands who played the East Iowa and West Nebraska cowboy bars as well as emerging line-dancing clubs' circuit: an odd choice [either theirs or the Turds] for such a regular redneck Midwestern production line, though these were also private-press cuts but with a buying clientele from those various gigs when enthused by beer, yee-haw and saccharine dances to romantic homespun narratives. Can’t think the Turds had either the same repeating flow of custom nor sweetness in the recalling. But I could be wrong, and one can only imagine.

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