Friday, 20 May 2016

Incredible Hog - Volume 1 [1973]

Morning Trawl

In my eclectic listenings I had a brief trawl this morning through a perhaps surprising trio - Marissa Nadler's new Strangers, which I read was good but found too familiar to be engaging; Richard Ashcroft's latest These People, which was what one might expect and I found all the more insipid for that; and then, because why not, Stacey Solomon's Shy, and you know, of these three, this 'reality' star had perhaps the best vocal and production, but of course it is entirely generic and too much pastiche, like the Winehouse-esque Breath Away - so I turned to a proper one, a power trio formed in 1972 and this their only album. Great too. Just the perfect reflection of its heavy rock of the time, like powerhouse opener Lame, and then the melodic and harmony full Walk the Road providing the correct electic mix for a morning call. Listening to the blues riffed There's a Man pumping away as I type: classic stuff.

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