Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones - The Phoenix, Exeter, 23rd May, 2016

Talent Pool

The video below captures much of the musicality and tone of last night's gig at The Phoenix: the Everly's echo in this song and much else that these two sing so brilliantly together from their album Little Windows, and the upbeat tone embraced in the comic storytelling in the video - like the fun that was being had last night on stage, by all.

A fine band supported Sunny Ozell, Teddy solo and then with Kelly, though she played two of her own beautiful songs solo, the first about Judee Sill which was beautiful, and was beautifully sung.

Thompson also performed a selection of his own songs solo, as well as with Kelly like I Wish It Was Over, and this was an additional treat on a night of absolute talent being showcased, which included Teddy's nephew Zak Hobbs on fine guitar duties. As I implied already [and in previous post], the band was tight and I am still researching for the names [hard to retain all from one night...] but the bass playing on I Wish... was wonderful. Thompson's vocal was as perfect as ever.

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