Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Black Explosion - Atomic Zod War, album review

Likin' It Loud

Swedish space rockers riff-rock with psychedelic echo in the vocal and explosions in the mix as well as their name, heirs to a lineage that began a long time ago and seems unlikely to wither any while soon, thank goodness when it is just loud, loudly done well, that is required. After a day marking in the sun - with breaks - that'll do me as the heat is still on, but not in the pen which continues its gentler rewarding focus.

Opener Paralyzed screams, literally, get me out of here, wherever that is, and the bass pounds up and down to battle with the yelling. And the feedback. 13 minutes of it. Like it. Next Ain't Coming Home [must have got out of there] is more bass and shouting, whilst third The World is Dead is a more complex song altogether with noticeable chords among the industrial pounding and string bending, but this does not go beyond 2 minutes. Fifth Goin' Down is scorched garage, and sixth Get My Mind Together is screaming again. Like all this too. And the rest.

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