Monday, 13 June 2016

Paul Simon - Stranger to Stranger, album review


It exudes it. There are classic drole observations, Simon's humour on human behaviour both significant and peripheral: opener The Werewolf on the ignorance and arrogance of wealth and similar; Wristband a comic reflection on being barred from his own gig because he isn't wearing his wristband - both clever and quick and so listenable. The title song is the fifth on the album, and here is the first classic Simon melody [African guitar riffs in the backdrop that is overall so precise and busy with its own musical cleverness], beautiful and gentle. Simon's vocal is boyish and sweet - when you listen carefully there are those clicks on the consonants; the way he pronounces his vowels in a word like are. It is distinctive in its class. Proof of Love is another that is gorgeous, the sounds of bells delicate as a reflection of the lyrics in the background mix, all reminding of the Simon that is from S&G; the Insomniac's Lullaby is the other truly sweet one.


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