Tuesday, 14 March 2017

HaleAmanO - House of Sharks, album review

Sweet and Potent Island Raggae

The pulsing bass pumps of opener Recession sets such a potent start for this fine album that infuses its Jamaican via Hawaii and Las Vegas reggae sounds within occasional rap and the most glorious vocal harmonies, especially live where I came across them just over a week ago at the Fremont Experience, LV.

from band Facebook page

This song is tinged with irony in its Island Reggae beauty as it is clearly dated [content-wise] when exhorting Obama to sort things out politically, that hope – I trust achieved in many ways – now replaced with the darker prospects of Trump.

Second Temptations is even more rap-reggae in its musicality – making-you-move-when-listening-so – and then comes the stunner on the album, third Jah Soldier with its opening looped sax and that wonderful reggae bass walking us through its joyous Marley-esque rhythms.

The band is

Justin: Vocals – Guitar (and other instruments); Wa’ahila-(Iz): Vocals – Ukulele; Brent: Drums; PochoMon-(Ryan): Vocals – (plays every instrument); Juan: Bass, and Miguel: Keyboards

Do look out YouTube clips to see and hear the band live, especially the sweet ukulele playing. On record, just rack up the volume to get a similar sense of their presence. There and/or on the album, check out the sweet harmonies on Love Me For Me and the gentle reggae rhythms that caress on Sky Down [and the harmonies again]. Fine band; fine album.

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