Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Beth Hart Band - Immortal, album review

Hart's Poetry

Beauty and power / warble and growl: this is the poetic essence of Beth Hart’s vocal, here in an early outing, and she has come a long way in a personal life fraught by mental health issues – I mention because she does both in interviews and through her lyrics, which she speaks about dramatically in Spiders in My Bed and then poetically in State of Mind,

As I lie beneath the sky
I speak to fireflies
And with every passing fear
My sorrow disappears
Colors in my tears
Change throughout the years -

and in performances/recording recently with Joe Bonamassa and solo work, a selection reviewed here.

The raucous is wonderfully here and there in this album; my two favourites are slower numbers showcasing nuances in her great voice: Summer is Gone and Am I the One.

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