Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Beth Hart - Leave the Light On, album review

Life Lit Up

More of the same stunning vocal [see previous post and link therein], this from 2003 and more expansive overall, including accompanying vocal and some powerful brass additions.

Hart continues the confessional with some potent words that reflect lived experience and a sensitivity to honest expression, this the closing verse from the album’s title song:

Cause I want to love
I want to live
I don't know much about it
I never did,
I don't know what to do, can the damage be undone
I swore to God that I'd never be what I've become
Lucky stars and fairy tales
I'm gonna bathe myself in a wishin' well
Pretty scars from cigarettes
I never will forget, I never will forget
I'm still afraid to be alone
wish that moon would follow me home
I leave the light on
I ain't that bad I'm just messed up
I ain't that sad but I'm sad enough
God bless the child with the dirty face who cuts her luck with a dirty ace
She leaves the light on, I leave that light on

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