Sunday, 23 December 2018

Fuzzy Grass - 1971, album review

Lointain, Sort Of

By sixth track The Winter Haze we are thoroughly riff-hooked, with every song pretty much panning out to wall-to-wall psychedelic-blues noise, fuzzed as one would expect from the band’s name, but also elasticated throughout with wah-wah.

Tipped into this mode from the off, closer Shake Your Mind is riff-rife too, more a pounding forward shove than a classic repeating pattern, and as on all tracks, vocalist Audric Faucheux is his own forward drive of energy in a constant near-yell, occasionally joined by MS20 electronics from the band’s drummer.

It is genuinely no criticism to state there are few nuances here. Laura Luiz is a stand-out on guitar, addicted as I am to the two generic rock effects already stated, and Thomas Hobeck on bass and Clément Gaudry-Santiago on drums bring up the rocket on pulsing thrusters of rhythm.

A French quartet from Toulouse playing the universal language of far-out.

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