Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Michael McDonald - Season Of Peace The Christmas Collection


It's Michael McDonald.

It's Christmas songs.

Tin and statement.

I've always liked Christmas songs [traditional and consumerism savvy] if played at this time of year. I have stated many times that one of my favourite all-time songs - I confess I have many in this generic category - is James Taylor's funky version of Jingle Bells.

This is an absolutely predictable soulful set of mainly interpretations, not new and compiled over a number of seasonal releases by the MM.

There are the upbeat jazzy and soul-infused versions like White Christmas Winter Wonderland with Jonny Lang on guitar, and two more traditional examples God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen which I rather like for its smooth and Christmas-sassy interpretation, and Wexford Carol with Amy Holland on accompanying/harmonising vocal.

Like AdBlock, unpause your bah-humbug tendencies and let the Michael swathe you in undemanding but well-wrapped festive presentations.

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