Thursday, 3 February 2011

Jack Williams - The High Road Home


What a find.

Had never heard of Jack Williams until this album released in September 2010. Going on the cover alone you'd think it's some naff musical observations on pastoral themes, but it is nothing so simple. There is, however, a wonderful simplicity in the excellence of the songwriting and the guitar playing. The album contains new and older, reworked songs, but each and every one is a success: the storytelling, the singing, and the folk to gospel traditions underpinning the whole.

The video clip above is a fine sampler. Note the close-up of Jack's worn guitar symbolising a true journeyman. I trust it works: when I watched, the buffer-death of a daytime view meant I couldn't see it all the way through [I will try later off-peak]. In his preamble he certainly comes across as a thoroughly decent guy. And this is a thoroughly decent album.

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