Monday, 14 February 2011

Natural connection

Nature Boy

Not exactly existential, but it is neat how things can connect by accident.

Over recent weeks I have been listening to and writing about male vocals, in particular those of Kurt Elling and Paul Bentley, a connection itself some might find strained, but the respectively world renowned singer and the now perhaps prematurely retired singer share, in my mind, distinctive vocals of note.

Another connection has been learning more about Jeremy Sassoon who performs with Bentley. He was good enough to communicate with and point me in the right direction with some of my observations about their album 'Bacon or Pastrami?'. He also kindly sent me an mp3 solo track, 'Nature Boy', from his debut forthcoming vocal/piano project.

In writing the other day about Elling's latest release 'The Gate' I sought out and watched some YouTube clips of him performing. One was of him singing 'Nature Boy' in Sydney with a full orchestra. It is an expansive full-on version with his distinctive vocalese on show as well as the orchestral umph behind this. What a huge song this is to support such a performance.

And here's the main connection. It is also the case that 'Nature Boy' is an intimate song, borne out by Sassoon's measured, warm and atmospheric presentation with a delicate cello accompaniment behind this.

It is one of the infinite pleasures of listening to music that there can be these differences and nuances and links and even dramatic oppositions. This song this week has thrown up a perfect and natural connection for this listener.

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