Friday, 18 February 2011

Jefferson Starship - Dragon Fly

Still flying

I bought the vinyl of this in recent years but had somehow forgotten about it. I do this a lot as my duplicated purchases will testify. Listening today to a cd copy I was reminded how brilliant it is, not least because Grace Slick's vocals are so dominant and strong as one would expect and hope having grown up as a listener with Jefferson Airplane.

This is the first album in the reincarnation of JA, released in 1974, and I was reminded of how much I like this sound [I have never got into Hot Tuna in the same way - it's a different sound, of course, but never interests me, seeming derivative and bland].

'Dragon Fly' is a strong album throughout but three special tracks perform a perfect beginning, middle and end to its Airplanesque narrative: 'Ride the Tiger' which was and is a radio-hit, 'Caroline' with Marty Balin's vocal belting out its romantic balladry and reminding us of his brilliant singing partnership with Slick, and 'Hyperdrive' with its crescendo of Grace Slick's penned and performed excellence.

The vinyl will soon get it's spin just to crawl aurally back a little more into a nostalgic reverie.

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