Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ian McNabb - Head Like A Rock

Better for being Crazy

Listening to this today in the car I was reminded of how much I like it, certainly the opening four tracks, and that its echos of Neil Young and Crazy Horse are a significant reason for that aural affection. Then I recalled - doh - that Crazy Horse actually support McNabb on four of the album's ten tracks, including the first three [and the last]. Those Crazy Horse tracks are Fire Inside My Soul, You Must Be Prepared To Dream, Child Inside A Father and May You Always. The fourth track is Still Get The Fever, and McNabb, who fronted The Icicle Works in the 80s [a decade that largely passed me by musically and thankfully], is in fine singing and songwriting mode throughout.

Released in 1994 I was then shocked to recall that this is now 17 years old - and imagine the trajectory from that apocalyptic kick in the ass, considering most of the music I like [and recall...] is from the late 60s/early 70s.

Oh to revel in the timelessness of musical excellence, the perpetuity of art and its beneficent attributes, the consolation of interpretation and manipulation of meaning......

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