Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Mulling Over A Line

The cornerstone of civilisation is
human sacrifice is a taut line from a
tough-guy film which deals in
sex, violence, friendship, betrayal,
dying and the full widescreen of human
attributes - all for filmic gratification -
and I watched it for these very elements,
enjoying the eroticism in particular and
even the violence, but above all the
punchy acting, and in the end I cannot
feel lessened if my overall impression is
that nearly two hours of such visual
stimulation outweighs the weight of one
intriguing if thowaway line.


  1. Another very honest one - I like the way you say what you really felt. So few people are this honest and it's refreshing in a world of shallow sentiment and sycophancy.What was the film, by the way?

  2. Thank you. Yes, short narratives with a candid if singular observation. Now, that would be telling! The clue [pun] is in the title, but I'll help you by saying Nick Nolte stars.....

  3. Doh! I should have guessed! I'm being dense today after much standardisation and screen gazing! At least the sun's out...

  4. Well, I wouldn't have expected anyone to get it necessarily without the clue, so well done - if you have...!!

  5. Mullholland Falls? It seems to fit the bill here, though I could be way off the mark. I saw it at the cinema many moons ago. Don't mind the sex, but the violence is a little too much for me in this one.Nolte is good, though I'm not so sure about Melanie Griffith!

  6. Spot on! But Jennifer Connelley....

  7. Yes, Jennifer, I suppose, is a hottie in this one. She's gone a bit skinny now, though?